Best’s Intelligence Briefing – Paranormal Events With John, Larry & Stewart

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio – 6-17-2022 @ 7:00 PM CDT

Bigfoot, Shadow Man, Black Eyed Kids, Entities, UFO’s, Arrival, 4th Reich & More…

On tonight’s extended show we will have a three-way discussion with John Vandeventer, Larry & Stewart on the massive increase of “anomalous” sightings of all kinds beginning to unfold upon Earth as we enter into the final years of man’s probation upon Earth. The Bible tells us that a STRONG DELUSION will destroy humanity, but mankind will think it is a salvation and final leap up the evolutionary ladder. This delusion has many branches to it, but the most important one is coupled to an arrival of “aliens” to set up a hybrid world government. These so-called “aliens” are in fact shape-shifting fallen angels and all of it a master deception brought by the Lord Himself for their rejection of Jesus Christ. Sightings of odd creatures are being reported all over the world, setting up mankind for the final phase of their destruction and more…


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