Best’s Intelligence Hour 6-3-2022 – This, That, News Bits & Other Things

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio 6-3-2022 @ 7:00 PM CDT

Pentecost, Cosmic Signs, Earth Changes, WW3, NWO, Jab, NATO, WHO, Money Pox & More…

Pentecost, as far as Israel and the Church are concerned, is June 5th, one day after a rare planetary alignment, another sign of impending trouble on the way. The Bible tells us that it is GOD HIMSELF who is bringing about or ALLOWING humanity to destroy itself as the demonic forces bring chaos and death. The UN and the WEF, along with WHO and the CDC are all involved in this draconian medical tyranny and now a new wave of fear and panic is coming to the fore to cement their “authority” in place. YOU WILL OBEY US, or you will be terminated. Meanwhile the Jeremiah drought advances in the West, rare cosmic signs are now appearing as more and more signs are warning mankind of the end times. UFO sightings are increasing the world over as well as paranormal event and more…


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