The Sun appears to be setting way far North. For the last two nights it has been setting FAR NORTH from where it set even three days ago. I am wondering if any of you have notice this anomaly, which would indicate an Earth shift. Has anyone else noticed this? (Correction) – The Sun moves North as we enter Summer but this is way far North. Also have you noticed TREES DYING, trees looking sick where you are? Please email me at if you would. I will report this on NIGHT SHADOWS RADIO. Thank you for your time…



  1. I live in Arlington TX and work overnight Security, I have noticed that the moon is setting more North North West lately. The Sun has also caught my attention, it seems at times that its loosing its glow and not as bright.


  2. Hi Stewart,
    I live in northern Indiana and yes, the sun has been rising from way north. My bay window faces north and I had the sun coming in at 6am this morning. I walk every morning and have noticed dead trees all over our neighborhood. Some of our maple trees look rather sickly.
    Also, we live by a lake and about six weeks ago, hundreds of fish washed up dead. Here’s the link to the incident. I hope the link works:

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  3. Just a week before you posed this question I noticed that my tree (Silver Maple?) looked really odd. Most of the branches were pointing down instead of up toward the sun. I made a note to see if it was somehow dying, have not found the answer yet.


    • Yes that was an error, what I meant to say and corrected it is that the Sun is way far North from where it should be for early May, if this continues, the Sun would be setting TRUE NORTH. This is an anomaly for this time of year and many others have noticed it. It may be an Earth wobble, a beginning of Isaiah and the coming pole shift.

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  4. I am in Mobile, Alabama. On June 12, 2020, I noticed the sun was rising waaaay over to the north. Shadows from the front porch railings were being cast from north to south, where usually they are cast from southeast to north west. It was an extreme difference, but I didn’t think to check it in the following days.

    I made note in my planner and checked the shadows a year later on June 12, 2021. All was normal, like it had always been. I don’t know how long things were off kilter though — I’m usually not out front in the early morning.

    I haven’t noticed anything about the sun setting though — there is a very tall tree line blocking my view of the setting sun.

    My oak and pecan trees are sickly but not dying. I blamed it on the weed killer I put around the base of the trunks a few times a year, but not sure that should affect the entire root system.

    Magnetic North is moving rapidly now so that is sure to affect the sun’s and moon’s orbits (the earth is immovable and on pillars… the sun and moon have their orbits within the firmament… our oceans are not curved…. research level earth and biblical cosmology thoroughly before you judge me… lol). Have a great weekend, Stewart!


  5. I have noticed the sun also rising in the morning different than what it used to be. It also feels a lot hotter on the bare skin than what it used to be.


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