Best’s Flash Intel Update For 12-12-2021 – Huge Military Moves Mean War?

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio For 12-12-2021 @ 7:00 PM CDT

Israel, NATO, Russia, China Military Moves Along With WAR TALK Mean War?

It has been reported that Israel has called up all of its reserves forces and military equipment and says it will attack Iran – are we looking at a possible FIRST STRIKE by IRAN into Israel and Daniel 8 or Isaiah 17? Then we have NATO arming Ukraine as Russia fortifies her borders with a massive upswing in military war machines. Putin says he is sick of NATO lies.  Are the prophecies of WW3 beginning in Ukraine coming to pass? Then we have China beating its war drums against America, Japan and others! The elite want and need their war to bring in martial law and set up their New World Order. Then we have La Palma active again, and Earth changes continue unabated as we move into the final end of days…