Best’s Intel Update For 11-24-2021 – This and That, and One Other Thing…

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio For 11-24-2021 @ 7:00 PM CDT

Jab, Mandates, Masks, FEMA, Earth Changes, War, Revolution, UFO and More…

Happy Thanksgiving to all as we give thanks to our Lord for the unmerited favor and GRACE, He has extended to a world that has rejected TRUTH and turned unto fables. Warning signs that the END OF THE AGE is rapidly approaching are everywhere, but most are in either denial or sound asleep. Soon SUDDEN DESTRUCTION will arrive, and our world will change ONCE AGAIN. Short of full Biblical repentance, there is little hope of delay. The lies of deep state abound, and the people seem unable to use simply logic or the ability to connect the dots to see the total deception of CV. Then we have La Palma still smoking even more these days, no mention at all in MSM. Fauci wants little babies jabbed as well, as they advanced the agenda of culling humanity and more…


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