Best’s Intel Update For 11-17-2021 – Some Of This, That and Other Things

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio For 11-17-2021 @ 7:00 PM CDT

La Palma, Earth Changes, Sightings, Russia, Ukraine, China, Babylon Chaos & More…

As America-Babylon slides into the hands of the communists, expect more and more chaos and court rulings that make no logical sense whatever. Out leaders are the blind leading the blind into the ditch of eternal ruin. The world has been given sign after sign that the Creator is about done with all this and intends to hit the delete button upon this world civilization and begin anew. The Christians are in a comatose sleep unable or unwilling to face the truth of what is happening all around them, and many promoting the ANTICHRIST SPIRIT that is rising up right under their noses. Earth changes abound, La Palma is now in its final stage before a major eruption occurs and few notice anything. It appears that WW3 is about to explode on the world and much more…


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