Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 11-12-2021 – The Long Black Train Of Death

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio For 11-12-2021 @ 7:00 PM CDT

Psalm Two, Book Of Life, Jab, Guidestones, Arrival, Biden, Putin, China, War, Paranormal, More…

Yesterday the nation was honoring our vets – but this nation needs to honor her vets in TRUTH, and not by a few words here and there. It appears that very few care about those who gave their lives to defend the Bill of Rights and our freedoms. Our government has now turned against its own people and treason is the order of the day. We are watching the Psalm Two War coming to its apex as the kings and rulers of the world rise up against Jesus Christ and God the Father. This war has a number of fronts, and the jab is part of this war, as more and more proofs are coming out as to how dangerous all of these nanobot drugs are, and how violent the world ruler are getting against those who warn against it. Then we have La Palma and other Earth changes going on all over the world, as sign after sign comes and goes warning us the end of days is now here and more…

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