Best’s Intel Update For 11-3-2021 – This, That and The Other Thing

Tonight On Night Shadows For 11-3-2021 @ 7:00 PM CT

Russia, China, Ukraine, Jab, Mandates, Gun Control, 4th Beast & More…


October vanished in a flash as we now look ahead for a cold, long winter, a DARK WINTER if we believe our communist “authorities”. Down under we find the total insanity of a nation gone mad, and America may soon follow if the people do not rise up and take their nation back. Communists never give up, so a huge false flag may be in the offering if the sheeple begin to protest too much. Meanwhile Russian troop movements appear to encircle Ukraine and the war drums are beating more loudly now, then we have `China warning the US/Babylon to stay out of their internal affairs or else, and to make sure we understand them, two hypersonic missiles went around the world to demonstrate China’s advanced military systems. La Palma still very active, 5.1 quake today close to the surface, and volcanic activity around the world is slowly increasing and more…