Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 10-29-2021 – Lots Of This & That

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio For 10-29-2021 @ 7:00 PM CT

La Palma, 44, 411 Tsunami, Jab, Mandates, CME, Kill Shots, Putin, China, Biden, UFO & More…

More activity at La Palma in spite of denials, deep quakes, magma rising, latest 4.2M & warnings of a huge event as the rich men of the Earth move now to bring about record destruction and satanic sacrifices which actually begin tonight for the Halloween rape, torture and kill of hundreds of thousands of victims all over the world, but especially in the United States which is now turned almost totally occult. It is said that more money is spent on Halloween than any other ritual day. How is that? Because most of the American people have become so apostate, they have no clue as to what is being done to them by their satanic handlers. CME activity is increasing as CERN is no working, earth changes abound, Russia threatens US, China likewise, and on and on it goes in the Matrix…


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