October 29-31, La Palma & Human Sacrifice

October 29-31, La Palma & Human Sacrifice

There are evil men on this Earth that relish the thought of killing millions of people, the more the merrier in their minds. The average person cannot comprehend the depth of evil. Thus these people are able to carry out their satanic agenda without hindrance and all warnings fall upon deaf ears, and blind eyes.

Halloween is a HIGH HOLY DAY for SATANIC KILLING and human sacrifices of men, women and children will be carried out all over America actually beginning on the 29th and going through November 2.

So it is that America has now reached the point that killing babies as they come out of the womb is sanctioned, and even shipping of live infants to labs so they can be killed there is various experiments as well.

America is ripe for a huge judgment. So God has every justification to begin his most severe judgments upon America till she is destroyed.

Secretary of Defense William Cohen when testifying before Congress that “they” (unnamed who “they” were), had the power to create earthquakes, volcanic activity, create weather of all types and in general “destroy the Earth” with their Tesla technology.

One would hope that the deaths of billions via the “Jab” would be enough, but no, we must torture and rape many thousands over the satanic holy days as well, and so why not IGNITE LA PALMA and attempt, at least, to create a huge tsunami wave and wipe out the East Coast of America? After all, the Deagle Report said that by 2025 only about 1 million Americans would be left. FEMA said that about 65 million people would be killed by a tsunami from a La Palma collapse. So if 145 million took the jab, and 65 million lost their lives via La Palma tsunami, that adds up 250 million dead, leaving about 90 million left.

The CCP of china has now said that all who took the jab will be dead soon. It was a designed to kill off as many Americans as possible so that China, most likely under the cover of the UN’s peacekeepers, could invade and take over America without much resistance, something confirmed by China’s Xi recently. This appears to be why our military leaders have opted to make the jab mandatory for all military forces. The CCP must be rejoicing at that for as recently stated in a Chinese broadcast, EVERYONE who took the jab will die soon.

With October 29-31 being high holy satanic days, perhaps La Palma could be ignited for a satanic ritual of death and destruction!

If the occult were to trigger La Palma on October 28/29th, that would be a SEVEN DAY WARNING on the cosmic calendar of the Lord for November 5/6th  the Feast of Trumpets as it begins at the first sighting of the moon in Israel according to the “turning of the year” IN THE HEAVENS. Notice the NEW MOON is on 11-4 or a 4-11, that mysterious number that shows up over and over again.

The new moon is in reality no moon at all – zero. Would a thief in the night wait for total darkness? To arrive at the darkest moment to strike? Is it possible that the rapture of the Church could occur just before FEAST OF TRUMPETS? That the Feast of Trumpets is a Feast for Israel and not for the Church? The Church is unique in all of history, and THE TRUE CHURCH is hidden away, a mystery, a secret – and will only be revealed at the end of the Church Age? And stolen away by a THIEF IN THE NIGHT?

In many ways it makes more sense that November is the final in-gathering of all crops, for in truth it is – which is why we have Thanksgiving in late November to give thanks for the crops are in!! That follows the cosmic calendar of the Lord’s as well.

The Book of Enoch says we are off on our dating. The cosmic clock, as outlined in Scripture, tells us our dating here is off by two months!! Could the MIDNIGHT CRY be close? If so, we might have to wait well into 2022 to be taken away – but on the other side, perhaps La Palma will be a SEVEN DAY WARNING if “they” explode it on the 29th because SEVEN DAYS LATER we come to 11-4 inclusive!! Perhaps that is why those two huge comets marked a 4-11 over Satan’s Head crushing it TWICE forming a perfect cross in the heavens. or 11-4 in the heavens. Who knows?

Inasmuch as the latter days are all reversed and upside down, it is possible that 11-4 is a reflection of 4-11 and the Church Age will soon be forever closed? Are you ready?