Best’s Intel Update For 10-6-2021 – Winds Of War and Treason Within

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio For 10-6-2021 @ 7:00 PM CT

China Threats, Iran War drums, Martial Law, FEMA Orders, Babylon Confusion & More

Whatever happened to September? Is time actually speeding up? Rapture watch continues, the noose around the masses of the world’s necks tightens as the elite come up with more lies and deceptions in order to bring in their New World Order. The people, as usual, seem to be totally asleep and are walking into their own death trap, comatose to the danger they are in. Meanwhile China is beating the war drums, rumors of war abound, India and China facing off and earth changes abound. La Palma keeps ramping up along with other earthquake and volcanic activity. Sun activity above normal and those who know their Bible knows where all of this is going and more…