Best’s Intel Hour For 10-1-2021 – Matrix Madness Full Speed Ahead

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio For 10-1-2021 @ 7:00 PM CT

The Illuminati Playbook Script, Babylon Down & You Are The Target

The playbook of the 4th Reich is the same thing used to bring Hitler to power, all designed to remove the one obstacle to the NEW WORLD ORDER, the USA Constitution and Bill of Rights – all destroyed by a fake medical emergency leading to a world-wide panic to inject people with a DNA altering DRUG. Because humanity is a fallen creature, DEAD TO GOD, this “jab” appears to be transforming humanity to not only a trans-human but also eventually into a synthetic cyborg unable to connect to their creator, severing all abilities to be saved, just as the Book of Revelation states. Recent research into these drugs by independent labs shows why the Torah Codes run by Barry Roffman are true, as a POISON to humanity as millions perish or are terribly disabled. MURDER, INC. is in full operation. Satan is rising up for his last attempt to take Earth away from Jesus Christ. It will fail but take millions of people into eternal ruin and more…