Best Flash Intel Update For 9-18-2021 – The End Of Things Is At the Door

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio For 9-18-2021 @ 7:00 PM CT

La Palma, Asteroids, Tsunamis, Atonement, Equinox 22 (11-11) Signs & Warnings

Today is ATONEMENT, and while the Church was supposed to ATONE via the STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY most have refused, and now Israel must ATONE via Daniel’s 70th week, and Tribulation Saints must atone via beheading, then the final end of it all arrives. So here we are at ATONEMENT, and there is no repentance in the land whatsoever, and it could be said the word REPENTANCE is a word no one wants to hear. Babylon is under siege with droughts, flood and crop failures, and is now a communist nation under the UN, which will manifest itself openly soon, along with a possible counter-coup as we enter into the “hour of temptation” to try all those who dwell upon the whole earth. La Palma is about to explode, according to the latest updates, and if it creates a tsunami that hits the USA even more WATER EVENTS will cause trillions of dollars in damage, wiping out the re-insurers as well, and the nation would be destroyed. The taking of Babylon appears to happen over a 3.5-year period, and the warning signs are now everywhere but almost all are in total denial of what is happening and more…


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  1. You are right Stewart. Even though the weather here in NY is beautiful, things will change without a moments notice. We all must think on the Lord and wait for the work that He will perform. I wish more people could have learned about the Fear of the Lord and the eternal gratitude that is found in/for Jesus.


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