Best’s Intel Update For 8-18-2021 – Madness In the Matrix

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio For 8-18-2021 @ 7:00 PM CT

Chaos, Madness, Deceptions and Delusions As God Is Removed From Earth

When one abandons the Creator, there is a slow spiral down the abyss to ruin. At this point, one would think that people would return to their Bibles to find out what is wrong, but the reverse appears to be true. The Jeremiah drought is now expanding in America as major prophecies are being fulfilled all around us. The SIGNS are everywhere that Daniel’s 70th week is about to commence. Signs of the approach of the Destroyer are increasing, yet the world sleeps on. War threats increase and soon peace will be taken from the world. The hoax or all hoaxes continues unabated as the New World Order emerges and the 4th Beast of Daniel gains almost total control over the entire world through their sorceries and more…