The Ministry of Truth has arrived. There are not other truths, and anyone who claims otherwise is an enemy of the state and a terrorist and needs to be rounded up, isolated and terminated.

The Department of Homeland Security was set up after 9-11 for one purpose and that was to bring in the New World Order of Satan. They actually have no other purpose. FEMA likewise. The Satanic New World Order was outlined in Psalm Two. These folks all think they can outgun and outsmart God Himself, which is the height of insanity. They have traded a few hours of glory for eternity in literal fires of a literal hell but are too stupid to know it.

Anyone, religious or not, that does exactly what Jesus Christ commanded will have a literal (albeit spiritual) meeting with Him. They will be shown the real truth of what is going on and will shatter the veil over the human mind and will KNOW the real truth of fallen humanity and will KNOW that all of what these foolish people are up to is VANITY UPON VANITY UPON VANITY. These folks are satanically controlled but do not realize it.

They are doing what ancient prophecies said they would do, and their fate, unless they repent, is horrific beyond any description. But they must do what they must do, and Jesus Christ must do to them what He must do to them. It is all outlined in the Bible and NO ONE has any excuse.

I have been warning people for over 30 years to WAKE UP to little avail. Now the hammer is coming down and I suspect that it is NOT our so-called leaders that are to blame, it is the American people who are to blame, as they have become cowards, the men have all become panty-waisted girly men who stand for nothing in spite of all their rhetoric to the contrary.

They have all stood by and now they are going to get what they deserve because they waited far, far too long to fix what was obviously going on and now they cannot fix it all, because now God has decided to eradicate America-Babylon and all who are in it. The “Hour of Temptation” is now quickly upon us, and this will try ALL WHO DWELL UPON THE FACE THE WHOLE EARTH, and that means the RULERS AND LEADERS, THOSE OF GLOBAL and BABYLON DEEP STATE to see if they have the brains or moral courage to stand opposed to Satan and his system of mammon for it will be obvious to ALL that Satan is real.

 Jesus Christ told the world you cannot serve mammon and God at the same time, you MUST make a choice, and chose one or the other. We are, with this GREAT RESET, at the apex of the system of Mammon, the system that controls the world, the system of total power. You either bow the knee and take the MARK/BRAND of total servitude, OR you will face certain death. What will you do?

Homeland Security, WHO, CDC, UN have already told you what they intend to do and now they are openly restating it and still people are in near total denial. So, this will continue to advance as evil men wax worse and worse. The 4th beast of Daniel is now here…

The Christian Church is no longer Christian whatsoever. They DENY Jesus Christ and HIS COMMANDS and have one excuse after another why the STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY are a lie, an anathema, and Peter told all of them that did so their DAMNATION SLUMBERS NOT. These are they that Jesus SPEWS OUT HIS MOUTH AS VOMIT. They have never been to the CROSS, they have NEVER DIED THE DEATH of the NARROW WAY, and they have NEVER BEEN TO THE PIT OF DEATH and waited for Jesus to come to them! THEY ARE ALL LIARS and if you believe them you also will end up in eternal RUIN. These so-called Christians teachers, preachers, evangelists and prophetic people have NEVER BEEN JUDGED BY THE DIVINE LOVE OF GOD. They have refused to come to the LIGHT and have refused JUDGMENT.

These folks are far too busy loving this world, loving their “seats of honor” and their power over their flocks planning their next big seminar for next year for $500.00 a pop and you better enroll now because all the seats will be filled within a week or too — all the while telling everyone the END IS HERE, THE END IS HERE but nary a word concerning the TRUTH OF SALVATION. DECEIVERS AND LIARS ALL. THEIR DAMNATION SLUMBERS NOT just as Jesus and Peter warned. BEWARE!!