Best’s Intel Update For 8-14-2021 – Earth Changes Warning

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio 8-14-2021 @ 7:00 PM CT

Earthquake Warning, Jet Stream and Ocean Current Anomalies

This short update will bring to light and acceleration of earth change events and why major earthquakes may in fact begin in the United States. Major quakes are now beginning once again in the ring of fire. Alaska just had a major quake and Haiti has been devastated with a series of very large earthquakes. Meanwhile flooding events are increasing around the world along with major drought areas in the food belt areas of the world because of Jet Stream changes and ocean current anomalies, all telling us that the Tribulation events are about to commence at the same time the New World Order rises up. All of this tells us the rapture of the Bride is very close at hand and the world sleeps on…