Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 7-30-2021  – Babylon Is Falling, Is Falling

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio For 7-30-2021 @ 7:00 PM CT

Sudden Destruction, Jab, Lock Downs, Biden, China, Earth Changes, Solar Troubles and More…

The nations of the world are growing restless, and our leaders seem to know that WW3 is on its way and some unseen hand is upon the world. Putin said WW3 is coming and could not be stopped, and so did Obama. Obama’s birthday on August 4th, and is 60 years old, it is said. No one knows because a valid birth certificate was never given out. Both the UK and USA Navy are provoking China and Russia. America is both under flooding and drought, major forest fires as the judgment of God comes down upon us, and the food belts of the world appear to be under attack as food shortages are being reported. Solar anomalies continue and UV radiation levels are going off the charts in some areas. UFO activity and paranormal sightings are increasing as we near the “hour of temptation” that Jesus warned was coming and much more. We have a new “prophetic Insider” for August just released as it appears August and September may be hard to get major truth out there…


2 thoughts on “Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 7-30-2021  – Babylon Is Falling, Is Falling

  1. Hi Stewart,
    Isn’t Zechariah 11:17 interesting?
    This verse talks about the shepherd who leaves his flock. Didn’t Trump leave his flock? I personally suspect Trump may return after we’ re out of here. His head wound might be judicial.
    Wasn’t Trump responsible for our Covid vaccination? I can’t see Israel accepting Obama.
    I can see Israel welcoming Trump with open arms. The war drums are beating loudly. We have no protection accept Jesus Christ.


  2. Thank you for all you do. I am always looking forward to your insights and comments. God bless you all!


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