Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 7-23-2021 – This & That & What?

Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 7-23-2021 @ 7:00 PM CT

Prophetic Clues, 4-11, Obama 44, Full Moons, Tu B’Av, 9-11, 11-11, 9-23 War, UN and More…

So here we are on 9-23 and Tu B’Av and a full THUNDER BUCK MOON tonight, reminding us of Revelation and the 7 Thunders that John was told to SEAL UP and not write down what they were about, but we may have some clues as Jesus said His Return was as LIGHTNING, that is in a split second all around the world. Ken Peter’s vision indicated that the RAPTURE EVENT was “out of the blue” and went on to describe the world’s graves opening up after a loud and long CAR HORN BLAST, indicating perhaps FEAST OF TRUMPETS removal, the only feast where no one knows the day or the hour because it is based upon the sighting of the NEW MOON and has a loud concluding blast!!  There is no question whatsoever that we are very, very close to Daniel’s 70th week and SUDDEN DESTRUCTION, be it a RAPTURE or cosmic wave of fire event. THE SIGNS ARE NOW EVERYWHERE, WAKE-UP, PEOPLE, WAKE UP!!