Best’s Intel Review For 7-21-2021 – This, That & Other Things

Best’s Intel Review For 7-21-2021 On Night Shadows Tonight @ 7:00 PM CT- This, That & Other Things

Earth Changes, Solar Anomalies, Tu B’Av, Jonah & Noah’s Ark, UN, 44 & Obama

We are now 4 days from Tu B’Av which always falls on a FULL MOON. This minor feast is a very important sign to the Christians as was 9th of Av, when a Bride & Groom went up to the Temple Mount in anticipation of their wedding, pointing to the marriage supper of the Lamb and His Bride. Messiah was also known as Shiloh, the very place where the virgins, dressed in white probes, danced and were stolen away, a perfect symbol for the Rapture of the Church. Then we have reports of UN vehicles being spotted more and more, and reports of them massing in Canada for an invasion of America. Then we have the official documents concerning the rounding up of folks in the “rural areas” of America to place them in FEMA camps and more draconian measures ahead as America sleeps on. The flooding events are increasing, pointing to Noah’s flood, a warning of the coming destruction and more…