Best’s Intel Update For 6-30-2021 – Trouble Comes This Way

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio 6-30-2021 @ 7:00 PM CT

Solar Anomalies, Kill Shots, 2021/2022 Termination Events, Ukraine, NATO, Israel & More…

Rumors of war and wars. Cat & mouse games with NATO and Russia, and one mistake could lead to WW3 or has all of this planned to be that way? Psalm Two appears to say that all of this is a script and that our world leaders are on the game to bring about a NEW WORLD ORDER. So how close are we to that goal? Is there a secret code to the number 411 as even found on the cover of the Economist Magazine back in 2015? Was all of this supposed to happen back in 2017 and the Lord delayed it? And if there is a delay – do we have Scripture to show us how long that delay really is? If so, when is the beginning of Daniel’s lost week? Is the rapture event and the sudden destruction just ahead? Are we going to see a major “skirmish” between NATO and Russia that would lead to a final cry of “peace and securityā€¯? And then we have the Sun and Cycle 25 and more.