UFO, Aliens, The Vanishing, 44, 4-11, Mosaic, War, Russia, China, Iran, Nanobot, Book Of Life & More

Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 6-4-2021 – This, That & The More Of That

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio For 6-4-2021 @ 7:00 PM CT


Signs, signs and more signs but only a few notices them, and the mystery of 4-11 grows more intense, not now, maybe later, much later? Why not now? What is to prevent the “ascension” of the New Age now? What is to prevent the taking of the Bride now? Obama & 44. Will Trump return? A blessing or a huge curse?  Obama and Trump appear to be two sides of the same coin one good, one evil, but both fallen. Tricks of Satan and the JAB, UFO activity increasing all over the world usually means Israel is about to undergo a change. Comrade Biden busy destroying what is left of America/Babylon, China and the UN are on the rise, 4th beast of Daniel? Etna blows off and more war drums beating and sudden destruction. Are you ready? Few are for the BIG SURPRISE…