Best’s Intel Update For 5-26-2021 –  End Of Days Arrival Close & More…

Tongight On Night Shadows Radio For 5-26-2021 @ 7:00 PM CT

BLM Flags, Russia, Syria, Iran, Biden, Blood Moons, Israel, Babylon, Arrival, UFO & More…

Super Blood Moon appears to be a warning to Israel and the world as we draw ever closer to the ARRIVAL and the TWO WITNESSES who are supposed to arrive most likely with the FALLEN ONES but no one knows for sure. Another mass shooting, the hue and cry to get the guns will continue to rise until it is accomplished per the United Nations plans to disarm the world. Then we have Russia sending their advanced bombers to Syria, trouble in the South China Sea as China continues to make threats.  Ring of Fire eclipse in June, just another sign or trouble ahead for the world at large as earth changes abound and Biden flies BLM communist flags on Federal Buildings? More on tonight’s Night Shadows Radio with Stewart & Larry…


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