Best’s Intel Update For 5-19-2021 – Final War To End Wars?

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio For 5-19-2021 @ 7:00 PM CT

Russia, Putin, Israel, Turkey, Syria, Iran, USA, 1335-1397 Watch, Arrival, Acclimation and Moreā€¦

More and more threats to Israel by world powers to cease-fire, but so far Israel has said no, we are going to finish up what THEY STARTED so this does not happen again, but of course we know it will. The entire world now waits for when the Lord says NOW, GO FOR IT, and we don’t really know when that is, but if you combine the cosmic signs, technology, the MARK OF THE BEAST and what is going on in Israel, it appears we ARE HERE NOW, and that Albert Pike’s WW3, designed to END ALL WARS and bring in the NEW WORLD ORDER, IS HERE. Then we have THE JAB, and threats of coming total lockdowns and on and on it goes…