Best’s Flash Intel Update For 5-12-2021 – World In Chaos

Israeli War Escalating, Syria, Iran, Turkey, Russia, Earth Changes, Revolution, UFO/Alien Arrival

Reports coming out of Israel indicate a major confrontation and full war is on – but is this the start of Isaiah 17 or just another flare up? The timelines appear to indicate the world may be going into full chaos and WAR and out of all of this will bring in ANTICHRIST and his new world order. That means that the ARRIVAL may also be close at hand as well and the Church Age is now closing down. Then we have Daniel 8 and Ezekiel 38-39 to look forward to and the final taking of America. On top of the chaos of humanity, we have Earth Changes and solar anomalies. Frequencies and changing as well causing major mental problems. Calls for revolution here in America coming from retired flag officers as they claim America is lost if Americans do not rise up to bring this communist coup down. The gas shortages continue and are getting worse…