Best’s Intel Flash Update For 5-11-2021 – Israel War Grows Grim

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio For 5-11-2021 @ 7:00 PM CT

Israeli War Intensifies, Strikes Back, Iron Dome Defense Running Dry, USA Gas Shortage & More…

Israel may have entered the time of Isaiah 17, and it appears the enemies of Israel have a well thought out plan and are now wearing down Israel’s missile defense system and once that is done, the full attack will begin. Israel’s 73rd birthday is May 14th, and the 1335 day is May 20th – is this a warning to the Church? It appears that all of this is scripted and that WW3 of Albert Pike is now in progress. Then we have Pet Goat II and its warnings of a coming war and the introduction of Antichrist and the New World Order. As we have warned before, Russia may be drawn into this and attack the USA/Babylon anytime. Meanwhile the gas shortage is now increasing rapidly, and it may be a warning of much more to come with the electrical grid going down and all communications shut down as well.




It appears we now know why Bible Prophecy says what it does with the CV-19 plandemic and the resulting warp speed jab that almost everyone wants – even when they have no idea what is in it and even though it does nothing to prevent one from getting the “bug.” Fauci even lets this slip.

If people are swayed so easily and convinced by MSM into fear and panic mode, then what happens when the ARRIVAL takes place? What happens when our world leaders tell us to bow down and accept the Bill Gates SNAKE PATCH AND THE LUCIFER STAR?

It appears that that the MANY vs. THE FEW can be applied to the entire secular world as well and shows us how accurate Bible Prophecy really is and how the hatred for Jesus Christ so easily grows. The Church was supposed to separate itself from the world but became worldly and totally apostate. The churches were closed for worship during the “scamdemic” but open for the “jab.” I think that tells us something about how lost the Church really is:

Franklin Graham said GET YOUR JAB because Jesus would. Most church leaders have followed suit. It does not matter what is in it, or how it changes your DNA to make you a lost hybrid, GET THE JAB anyway. The blind are leading the blind and they all fall into the ditch of eternal ruin. Don’t be one of them.

So now those who get the jab are now turning upon those who DO NOT get the jab, and this appears to be a forerunner of those who take the SNAKE BITE vs. THOSE WHO REFUSE IT. Can you see how the hatred will turn upon all those who refuse the final mark? The population of the world will be under the SPELL and will bow down to all authority and lick our leaders boots with no questions asked. If you refuse to comply, the masses will side with all government authority as it is happening right now!!So why is it they will not bow down to the ultimate authority, Jesus Christ?

When it comes to the Christian Church, we also have a MANY vs. THE FEW. The MANY refused the commands of Jesus Christ and come into the SHEEPFOLD “some other way”, which is CONVERSION. A TRUE CONVERSION will lead to authentic salvation and a TRUE CONVERT WILL OBEY JESUS CHRIST and ENTER IN.

The CV-19 thing has shown us how THE CHURCH is in league with THE STATE and WORLDLY AUTHORITY, and will bow down to it, and insists that all of its parishioners do as well. We got a taste of that with these “Clergy Response Teams” and how they bowed down to Homeland Security rather than throw them out of their Church.

It is going to get far, far worse especially when the ARRIVAL of the fallen ones posing as God and His Angels – the ultimate deception as humanity ASCENDS into “godhood status”, the final step up the evolutionary ladder! Remember the STRONG DELUSION IS TO DAMN THE HUMAN RACE FOR THEIR REJECTION OF JESUS CHRIST. It is all real, it is all coming, and God is the only one who knows exactly when this arrival will come, but all of the signs point to it as being very close indeed.

It appears that as we move further down the road from the first “injections” that more and more people are dying and getting all types of health issues too numerous to mention. All warnings not to get the jab fell on deaf ears. Likewise, all warning to leave the world behind and FIND JESUS CHRIST appear to be useless as well.  Even the Torah Codes run by Barry Roffman warned these “jabs” are poison. No one seems to care much.

As we approach day 1335 things appear to be ramping up, but don’t be surprised if nothing major happens or if we find ourselves in a major war. The rapture of the Bride is close as well. Will we get a SEVEN DAY WARNING? The nations are restless, and they are angry, and war can break out at any time. So, we wait, we watch and pray always we be found worthy to stand before the Son of Man and ESCAPE all these things that are to come upon those WHO DWELL upon the Earth.

Remember the rapture event comes out of the blue, with NO WARNING whatsoever, especially for the world, and even in the Church for those NOT WATCHING! The rapture, sudden destruction and WW3 may come together very soon. KEEP WATCHING, KEEP PRAYING, and KEEP ON KEEPING ON!! Visit for many articles concerning all of this as far back as 2014 – all for free!

Jesus ordered us to ENTER IN and ESCAPE. He also said FEW WOULD DO IT!! Are we close to the end of the Church Age? The chart below is very interesting. STAY TUNED.

We have been here before with many, many signs and numbers that all came together and it all went by with nothing happening, so do not get discouraged if it happens once again – however, we’ll know much more as we go through May 20-June 10th!!