DO THE NUMBERS 1290, 1335 and 1338 HAVE A HIDDEN CODE?

DO THE NUMBERS 1290, 1335 and 1338 HAVE A HIDDEN CODE?

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We have been looking into the possibility that the STAR SIGN on September 23, 2017 was a warning to the CHURCH that the RAPTURE was drawing close. How do we know the CHURCH is the manchild and does not represent Jesus Christ or does it represent BOTH?

Jesus Christ was BORN and lived at least 33 years on Earth to perform His mission of Redemption, and then slowly ascended into heaven as recorded in Acts. The word used in Revelation 12 is RAPTURE, or to VIOLENTLY SEIZE AND TAKE AWAY. Jesus’s removal was not done the same as the Church will be taken out. The Church, we are told, is removed in an instant of time, a twinkling of the eye, or about a split second and vanishes without a trace. Jesus, on the other hand, was gently lifted into the heavens for all to see and watch. Granted it was an act of God and an ascension but not a violent snatching away. Therefore, one might conclude that the rapture event in Revelation refers to THE CHURCH, the MAN-CHILD being taken away from danger.


ἁρπάζω – harpazō – har-pad’-zo

From a derivative of G138; to seize (in various applications): – catch (away, up), pluck, pull, take (by force).

The church is referred to as MALE in many places if one studies it out. Not only is she A BRIDE, she is referred to also as A MANCHILD, that is a PRIESTHOOD.

The STAR SIGN appears to represent the coming BIRTH or MANIFESTATION OF THE CHURCH,  which seems to occur just before or at Daniel’s 70th Week. Remember that Israel REFUSED Jesus Christ and was SET ASIDE during the ENTIRE CHURCH AGE. The Church is unique, separate, unlike anything ever seen before. When the Church is taken out, God goes back to Israel to finish up their transgressions via the time of Jacob’s Trouble and reinstitution of the Abrahamic and Davidic Covenants.

The STAR SIGN represents the TRUE CHURCH. It also represents BIRTH, as VIRGO gave birth. In fact, it was all about a birthing. If one wants to say it represents Jesus Christ then it also, by extension, represents HIS CHILDREN, THE REBORN ONES who become, by extension, HIS CHURCH.

Why then, with the STAR SIGN representing what it does, does the 1290th DAY from that sign fall exactly on the RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST, AND BY EXTENSION THE CHURCH? Can any one answer that one? IT seems more than just coincidental. All of this points to the END OF THE AGE OF GRACE.

If we break apart 1290 into 12 (1290) and 9 (1290) we find 12 means GOVERNMENTAL PERFECTION and 9 means DIVINE COMPLETENES. By extension then it would mean the CHURCH AGE IS OVER; COMPLETED. It has reached omega point, as in Revelation Chapter 4.

The 1290th day then appears to point directly to the RAPTURE, the resurrection of the “saints” or TRUE CHURCH. But when? If the STAR SIGN means what it appears to mean, then Daniel’s prophecy is the 1335th day would be an important day as well – perhaps a 3 DAY WARNING.

The number 1335 is also interesting. We can break it apart any number of ways, but the obvious breakings are 13, 33, 35 and 5 all by itself. The number 13 (1335), means rebellion. The middle number (in the “midst” is 33. Thirty-Three is a sacred occult number but it is also associated with Jesus Christ and RESURRECTION as the number 3 means resurrection and divine completeness. It is said that Jesus lived 33 years.

The number 33 (1335), also means PROMISE. As Jesus is IN THE MIDST on the CHURCH then HIS PROMISE TO RETURN is pointed to. Remember the RETURN COVENANT that Jesus gave to us:

John 14:2-4

In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

“4 And whither I go ye know, and the way ye know. all things are possible!

“Number 33 is a Master Number (Master Teacher) and resonates with the energies of compassion, blessings, inspiration, honesty, discipline, bravery and courage. Number 33 tells us that ‘all things are possible’. 33 is also the number that symbolizes ‘guidance’.”

Also to the occult – mystery Masonry:

·  There are 33 degrees in Scottish Rite Freemasonry

·  The House of the Temple, Home of The Supreme Council, 33°, Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in Washington D.C., USA, has 33 outer columns which are each 33 feet high.

If we look at the number 35(1335), it means HOPE. We are to place our hope in Jesus, and He will return and VIA THE RAPTURE we will be taken to the Father’s House and attend the WEDDING FEAST. Then we come to the number 5 (1335), and that means GRACE. We are saved by GRACE. It was GRACE that brought Jesus into this world. It was GRACE that brought us a STRAIT GATE and a NARROW WAY. It is BY GRACE that God gives EVERYONE the power to enter in! Again, all of this points to HIDDEN CLUES concerning the rapture.

Why then is Pentecost THREE DAYS AFTER 1335 and “blessed is he that waits to the 1335th day”, and what does that mean? The meaning is in the numbers.  Pentecost is the BIRTH OF THE CHURCH. Inasmuch as the Church is a very unique and set-apart unit all by itself, then is it possible that Pentecost also represents the COMPLETION of the Church age? Time will tell us!!

Remember that the Feast of Pentecost (which means 50), is right in the middle or MIDST of the SEVEN FEASTS OF THE LORD. Why is that? Is it another clue?


Now exactly 3 days after 1335th day is day 1338, another very interesting number. First of all, it is THREE DAYS, and that is directly associated with RESURRECTION and “ON THE THIRD DAY”, as Jesus ROSE ON THE THIRD DAY. It is all connected.

The number 1338 can also be broken up to 13, 33, 38, and 8. We already know that 13 means rebellion, and we already know 33 means THE PROMISE OF THE RESURRECTION AND THE RETURN. The number 38 (1338) means SLAVERY. Wow!! How do we break that down?

THREE means RESURRECTION, and 8 means REBIRTH, NEW ORDER. It also means that AFTER THE CHURCH IS REMOVED, the Antichrist will impose total slavery over the world. His system of total surveillance AND TOTAL CONTROL over everyone’s life via the China’s (Red Dragon) social credits system will be in full swing. The number 38 has a double application, one concerning Christ (FREEDOM) and one concerning SATAN and ANTICHRIST (SLAVERY).

The number eight (8) on its side is the symbol of eternity, another clue that the Church will be removed from the time-space continuum via a PORTAL that they GO THROUGH to their ETERNAL realm. All in all, it appears that we have been given clue after clue to WAKE UP for the return of Jesus for His Church is ever closer. Will it happen on 1335 or 1338? No one knows but it is a total HEADS UP, and WATCH FOR A SEVEN DAY WARNING ON MAY 13/14TH and then again on MAY 16/17TH.

And finally, another “coincidence” pointing to the rapture of the TRUE CHURCH:

What is also of interest is that if you exclude the begin date and end date, you have 48 days that points to Israel being born May 14th, 1948. Even more interesting is that the 1335th day is 47 days from 4-4-2021, also pointing to the United Nations mandate for dividing the land of Palestine. It all points to ISRAEL, the 70th week of Daniel and the removal of the Church. YOU DECIDE. Will we see some STRANGE EVENTS IN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS.? Time will tell us as it always does.

So there you have it – watching and speculation is a command of the Lord to those who love the Lord and dig into His Secret things. Those who mock are disobedient.


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War, Peace & Security, The Thief, 44 and 4-11 Deaf & Blind, Rapture and Arrival, Plasma Event

Many people, because of the lies and censorship of all major media may not know the Ukraine has not settled down, major fighting is still going on, Putin is SILENT but has issued many a warning to NATO FORCES not to intrude into Ukraine and not to help militarily. It appears that England is mocking that warning, along with other NATO FORCES who are now sailing into the Black Sea as a “challenge”. In the meantime, China continues to expand their military operations. The cries for PEACE AND SECURITY continue as Israel faces Iran and the world is on the BRINK OF WAR. Meanwhile Biden tightens his communist grip upon America, as we approach the 1335 day from the STAR SIGN and Pentecost on the 1338th day. Will Jesus return for His Church as a THIEF? Could He return or a coded 44 or 4-11? The alien/UFO acclimation project is gearing up, and more plasma events as the Sun Disease continues.