Russia, Putin, Ukraine, Israel, Iran, China, NATO, Earth Changes And The Blind Lead The Blind…

Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 4-30-2021 @ 7:00 PM CT- The End Of All Things Is Close

The Ukraine situation is growing worse all the time as the world at large thinks Putin has changed his plans when in fact he has enlarged his plans as the West is using every trick it can to draw Putin out to make the first move so he can be blamed for starting WW3. Meanwhile the plans of the elite have moved in high gear overdrive in their plans to cull humanity with their “jabs” to alter humanity into an AI controlled biological robot just as Revelation 13 implies. The hatred for Jesus Christ grows by the day as the Psalm Two rulers attempt to gain control over the entire world. Then we have more earth changes as volcanic activity continues along with wild weather as we enter into real and dangerous climate change. More UFO activity as the acclimation project advances, but no real truth and more…


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