Best’s Intel Update For 4-28-2021 – Surfing Armageddon

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio For 4-28-2021 @ 7:00 PM CT

Quiet Before The Storm, Food Shortages, Mutants, Putin, Russia, Biden, Israel & More…

Harris tells the United Nations that we must prepare for another severe wave of mutations – and of course with all of that brings more lockdowns, more shutdowns of small business, more “mask mandates” more cries for “mandatory jabs” and more isolation for all of those that do not comply. Then we have solar activity on the rise and its effects on people as the “Sun Disease” becomes increasingly erratic. Then of course we have Putin’s blink that was not a blink as he prepares for global conflict. Global Deep State needs their world war according to Free Mason Albert Pike to usher in their New World Order and the great culling operations have already begun. More reports of “shedding” of so-called virus that is more likely a form biological nanobot smart dust being given off by those who have taken the jab. NATO has increased its patrols over the Black Sea in spite of Russian warnings and more…


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