Best’s Emergency Intel Update For 4-26-2021 – Russia Activates Reserves – Why?

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio 4-26-20201 @ 7:00 PM CT

Russian Two Step? Putin’s Revenge, NATO’s Foolishness & WW3?

We had heard previously that Putin had activated the entire Russian Military because of tensions in Ukraine, and had also warned NATO not to get involved – also closing down access to the black sea and the Sea of Azov, and it appears all shipping will be shut down as well as closing down air activity in that area. So the question is why now? Russia seemed to pull back, but now it appears it is running the same game it did before regarding Georgia and how Russia fooled everyone in that attack after “pulling back”. On top of that we solar anomalies that may well change human

behavior and lead us into a terrible time of trouble. “Charlie-Victor-Alpha-9” is not the problem, the “jab” is the problem as nanobot research is far ahead of anything we can imagine – Do not forget the “rich men” of the Earth and their day of slaughter in their culling operations shown on the Georgia Guide Stones and more…


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