Russia, Putin, Israel, Bible Codes, End of Days, Arrival, Delusions, WW3, Peace & Security

Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 4-23-2021 @ 7:00 PM CT Other Things and Maybe That…

It appears that Putin has removed some of his troops on the borders of Ukraine, but he has not removed any military hardware, which makes one wonder what is really going on especially after his speech to the Russian Duma. Some have said that his speech was a direct warning to England and America and said in code that he was going to do a FIRST STRIKE against us, something the Bible prophets said. In other words, we would be hit with a nuclear attack with no warning whatsoever, and attack

that came from the Atlantic, Gulf, Pacific and pole regions. Then we have Charlie-Victor Alpha-9 news, along with more UFO warnings and the strong delusion of the arrival. Volcanic activity continues along with cosmic and earth changes as we approach day 1335 and Pentecost and more…


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