Best’s Intelligence Review Hour 4-16-2021 – This, That, This and Something Else

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio 4-16-2021 @ 7:00 PM CT

WW3, Biden, Putin, Cosmic Storms, Earth Changes, Israel, Iran, Ukraine, Russia, April 19th, and More…

It seems we sit at the very edge of war as Putin continues his massive buildup of forces as does NATO and the USA in what can only be called UTTER MADNESS of a world of insane, satanic leaders hell-bent for the destruction of humanity as Satan, being the pied piper leads the world into the final conflict between Christ and Satan as to who will rule the world. At the same time, it appears that the Biblical apostasy is in full swing and that the removal of the Church is nigh at hand. Ancient prophecy appears to be coming true as it appears that wars will break out everywhere. In the aftermath of all of this, we should see the UN being given all weapons and the world disarmed per 7277 and the UN Small Arms Treaty. In the meantime, WHO is consolidating it medial powers to dictate to the world all medical enforcement. Meanwhile, volcanic activity abounds, Mars moves into the silver gate and much more…


1 thought on “Best’s Intelligence Review Hour 4-16-2021 – This, That, This and Something Else

  1. Stewart – THANK YOU for what you are doing and especially for what you have done. It seems that I am either quoting from one of your works or outright reading it over the airwaves every Saturday night. I wonder if the listeners and readers have any idea of all that you have presented to the world over the years? I would encourage all of them to dig deep and read them all… You are decades ahead of the other so called “truthers”. Again, THANK YOU!!


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