Best’s FLASH Intel Update For 4-5-2021 – WW3 Is On?

On Night Shadows Radio 4-5-2021 @ 7:00 PM CT

Biden In Hospital? WW3 On? 4-11 & 5-20 Next?

It appears that Joe Biden is ill and is in the hospital and has been since Sunday night. No one knows what is wrong, but it appears that the elite may be placing Harris in as President, as she has been speaking with world leaders for some time now. Yesterday was the 1290th from the Star Sign, and April 4th was Resurrection day, a clear warning that the Church is going to be removed soon. Reports of major battles in Ukraine between Russian and Ukraine forces are now coming in with signs of nuclear armaments will be used in the future. The elite want a nuclear world war to bring in their New World Order. This show is to update everyone on secret intel, so you know what is going on…