Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 4-2-2021 – This, That, and Other Things

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio 4-2-2021 @ 7:00 PM CT

War, Peace & Security, The Thief, 44 and 4-11 Deaf & Blind, Rapture and Arrival, Plasma Events

The world appears to be on the brink of total war. April 4th FIRST FRUITS is on SUNDAY the first of 44 (4-11) and then 4-11 7days later. Will anything happen? Will the Church suddenly and without any warning at all be removed on the 1290th day since the STAR SIGN? Or do we wait for the 1335th day? Or another year yet? The Russia-Ukraine confrontation grows ever more ominous for the world as this involves Russia and her allies, NATO nations and the USA. Then we have CHINA also beating the WAR DRUMS and it makes one wonder when this all explodes. Please note that the RAPTURE occurs when they are SAYING peace and safety, not that there IS PEACE AND SECURITY. That prophecy is now totally fulfilled. Earth Changes abound, inbound objects on the way and more…


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