Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 3-31-2021  – DEFCON 1 – CODE RED BABYLON

Tonight ON Night Shadows Radio 3-31-2021 @ 7:00 PM CDT

Steve Fletcher, Hidden Codes, Putin, Blood Weddings and More…

We will have guest Steve Fletcher to show us some amazing finds and how close we are to TROUBLE. From totally satanic sport shoes to a hidden coded message from Putin to NATO, the world stands upon the BRINK OF WW3, and both Putin and Obama said IT COULD NOT BE STOPPED. Humanity is both fallen and obviously not able to rise above his knowledge of good and evil – and is thus destined for a GREAT WAR, and out of the ASHES of this war will rise the Phoenix Bird, the NEW WORLD ORDER, the arrival and a strong delusion, a deception and the final phase of mankind’s probation on Earth. It is all coming together very rapidly, and the Christians are totally comatose to what is happening all around them and much more in this special 1 hour and 30-minute broadcast.