1290, April 4th, The Coming Storm and A Code Red America

Have you ever had a nightmare so vivid you woke in a sweat? Well, America is about to ENTER A NIGHTMARE, BUT MAY APPEAR WONDERFUL!!

Steve Fletcher has done it again, finding clues and presenting them to WARN and yet people MOCK and when OMEGA POINT comes for the Church, they will not be mocking they will be weeping and crying.

So let’s take a deeper walk into the message of the elite to a comatose world THAT Steve found and let’s probe a bit deeper for day 1290 from the star sign on 9-23-2017. God placed that sign for a reason and you better understand why April 4th   is important – something is going on here and remember Satan is a BRILLIANT, DANGEROUS and INVISIBLE ENEMY as Trump warned even you don’t think so.

So, let’s begin with what Steve has found, and Satan is in your face, blatantly in YOUR FACE and few even know it. but you need to.


So what? You might ask. Let’s take a real close look at the PICTURES used in this announcement. These come from Steve Fletchers video, link at the end of the article. Folks, you can’t make this stuff up, it is beyond the pale and the occult is IN YOUR FACE, but if you are not watching, if you are not researching then you miss all the CLUES of what the Lord is attempting to show and warn you!!

The occult always signs everything with numbers for that is how they warn their fellow travelers of the night.

Please pay very close attention to the numbers used here, and why would anyone pick these dates out OR the name used on the CBS video, for they make no sense UNLESS you understand their coded messages. They are 726 – 1973 – 1206 (666) and the name Johnathan Jones. This is OCCULT CODE. They are transmitting a message to the world.

Now this is for CV-19 scamdemic, right? Look at the date given 7-26-1973. What does 1973 have to do with anything as CV-19 is now? Was it because it was 1947, almost 48 years ago when ISRAEL WAS REBORN. It was in 1947 that the UN moved to divide the land of Palestine.

“In 1947, the UN General Assembly voted in favour of partitioning Palestine between Jews and Palestinians. Yet after the 1948 war, only 22 percent was left for the Palestinians: the West Bank and Gaza Strip. This remaining 22 percent was later occupied by Israel in 1967.”

Israel is the KEY TO THE LORD’S CLOCK – and what is happening in Israel right now -TOTAL CV-19 LOCKDOWN unless to you have a “GREEN CARD” or you cannot do anything – that is TOTAL CONTROL. Soon over there you will be a MARKED PERSON if you want to buy or sell. Israel is taking the lead in all of this. EVIL TO THE CORE.

Next is 1973 in Strong’s Concordance and the reason is the Occult is USING STRONG’S NUMBERS as a CODE and they have been doing it for a number of years in movies, etc. because only a few would understand it in this totally apostate world.

1973. epipothétos
Strong’s Concordance epipothétos: greatly desired Original Word: ἐπιπόθητος, ον
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: epipothétos
Phonetic Spelling: (ep-ee-poth’-ay-tos)
Definition: greatly desired
Usage: longed for, missed, greatly desired.

And this:

Englishman’s Concordance

Philippians 4:1 Adj-NMP
GRK: ἀγαπητοὶ καὶ ἐπιπόθητοι χαρὰ καὶ
NAS: brethren whom I long [to see], my joy
KJV: dearly beloved and longed for, my joy
INT: beloved and longed for joy and

Strong’s Greek 1973
1 Occurrence

ἐπιπόθητοι — 1 Occ.

Let’s look at this verse:

Song of Solomon 2:9-11 (A 9-11)

My beloved is like a roe or a young hart: behold, he standeth behind our wall, he looketh forth at the windows, shewing himself through the lattice.

10 My beloved spake, and said unto me, Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away.

11 For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone;

When Jesus comes for His beloved, His REDEEMED, it will be in THE SPRING, and His Bride, His beloved will COME AWAY. This is all about a SPRING RAPTURE EVENT. The words COME AWAY:


הָלַךְ hâlak – haw-lak’

Akin to H3212; a primitive root; to walk (in a great variety of applications, literally and figuratively): – (all) along, apace, behave (self), come, (on) continually, be conversant, depart, + be eased, enter, exercise (self), + follow, forth, forward, get, go (about, abroad, along, away, forward, on, out, up and down), + greater, grow, be wont to haunt, lead, march, X more and more, move (self), needs, on, pass (away), be at the point, quite, run (along), + send, speedily, spread, still, surely, + tale-bearer, + travel (-ler), walk (abroad, on, to and fro, up and down, to places), wander, wax, [way-] faring man, X be weak, whirl.

Next we move to the number 726 which VERIFIES why they picked 1973 – the occult KNOWS that the REAL CHURCH is going to be taken away – they are fully aware of the RAPTURE EVENT, for that also means that ANTICHRIST will now rule the world, and that is what they are all waiting for. 



726. harpazó
Strong’s Concordance harpazó: to seize, catch up, snatch away Original Word: ἁρπάζω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: harpazó
Phonetic Spelling: (har-pad’-zo)
Definition: to seize, catch up, snatch away
Usage: I seize, snatch, obtain by robbery. HELPS Word-studies 726 harpázō – properly, seize by force; snatch up, suddenly and decisively – like someone seizing bounty (spoil, a prize); to take by an open display of force (i.e. not covertly or secretly).

to rescue from the danger of destruction, Jude 1:23 (Amos 4:11; Zechariah 3:2); τινα, to seize and carry off speedily, John 6:15; Acts 23:10; used of divine power transferring a person marvellously and swiftly from one place to another, to snatch or catch away: Acts 8:39; passive, πρός τόν Θεόν, Revelation 12:5; followed by ἕως with the genitive of place, 2 Corinthians 12:2; εἰς τόν παράδεισον, 2 Corinthians 12:4; εἰς ἀέρα, 1 Thessalonians 4:17. (Compare: διαρπάζω, συναρπάζω.)

This verifies 1973 – the occult is showing themselves for they know that as soon as the Church leaves, SATAN’S MAN, LUCIFER WILL RULE. So this is not just about the RAPTURE POSSIBILITY, it is about the RISE OF ANTICHRIST, the RISE OF ULTIMATE EVIL!!

Let’s look at the name on the phone – Johnathan Jones:

Jonathan (Hebrew: יְהוֹנָתָן/יוֹנָתָן‎, Standard Yonatan / Yəhonatan Tiberian Yônāṯān) is a common name given to males which means “YHWH has given” in Hebrew. The earliest known use of the name was in the Bible, one Jonathan was the son of King Saul, a close friend of David.

Meaning: God has given

The name Jones:

Origin of the Surname Jones

Jones is a patronymic surname meaning “Jehovah has favored.” Jones is a popular surname among European Christians, as the name John was bestowed in honor of St. John the Baptist and many other saints by the name John. JOHNSON is a common English version of this surname.

It is obvious that all of this is about THOSE THAT GOD HAS GIVEN TO JESUS CHRIST, THOSE THAT JEHOVAH HAS FAVORED!! Those that the God The Father gave to His Son:

John 6:36-38

36 But I said unto you, That ye also have seen me, and believe not.

37 All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.

38 For I came down from heaven, not to do mine own will, but the will of him that sent me.


Notice only ONE EYE is showing and it is a SNAKE EYE, as we all know that Satan is an OLD SERPENT who deceives the entire world via a magic spell and his system of mammon. NOTICE THE 666 AT THE HEAL!! We find an 11:11 as well. Then we find that this release date is 3-29-2021 and let’s take a look at Strong’s 329 for it means to KINDLE A FIRE, or start a fire, a very interesting concept when applies to the NEW WORLD ORDER and how the elite want to IGNITE THE WORLD INTO WORLD WAR 3, for out of those ashes will rise the NEW WORLD ORDER and ANTICHRIST. The other thing of interest is that the release date for these Satanic shoes is exactly SEVEN DAYS to Passover’s FIRST FRUITS or resurrection day – a MOCKING OF CHRIST in the extreme!! WOE UNTO THEM THAT CALL EVIL GOOD AND GOOD EVIL!

329. anazópureó
Strong’s Concordance anazópureó: to kindle afresh Original Word: ἀναζωπυρέω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: anazópureó
Phonetic Spelling: (an-ad-zo-poor-eh’-o)
Definition: to kindle afresh
Usage: I stir up the fire, fan the flame of.

As a reminder, the number for 2021 fits right into this as it means to attempt to do something, as the elite of the world attempt to totally dethrone Jesus Christ and set Satan upon the Throne of Earth to RULE OVER HUMANITY and they are using CV-19 as the instrument to do so, for it leads directly to the MARK SYSTEM. Remember, you can lose a passport card, or a plastic card, a cell phone, but you cannot lose an internal MARK in your RIGHT HAND or FOREHEAD. And that is how this will be played out. First shut down all people who refuse testing, masking or taking the so-called “vaccine”. Secondly, squeeze people into a mandatory system. Because you can lose or have stolen any card or certificate or cell phone, the call will be made for the internal mark. This will come along with the GREAT RESET and digital currency that can only be used if you have the MARK.

The next number shown is 1018 for Luke 10:18. What is Strong’s meaning for 1018:

Thayer’s Greek Lexicon

STRONGS NT 1018: βραβεύω

βραβεύω; in Greek writings from Isocrates and Demosthenes down;

1. “to be a βραβεύς or umpire” (see βραβεῖον).

2. to decide, determine.

3. to direct, control, rule: Colossians 3:15 (where see Meyer; contra, Lightfoot Compare: καταβραβεύω.)

Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance


From the same as brabeion; to arbitrate, i.e. (genitive case) to govern (figuratively, prevail) — rule.

see GREEK brabeion

Now let’s shorten it down to 118:

118. athleó

Jump to: LexiconNasecThayer’sStrong’s

Lexicon athleó: Original to contend, wrestle Word: ἀθλέω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: athleó
Phonetic Spelling: (ath-leh’-o)
Short Definition: I compete
Definition: I engage, compete, in an (athletic) contest.


STRONGS NT 118: ἀθλέω

ἀθλέω, (ῶ; (1 aorist subjunctive 3 person singular ἀθλήσῃ); (ἆθλος, a contest); to engage in a contest, contend in public games (e. g. Olympian, Pythian, Isthmian), with the poniard(?), gauntlet, quoit, in wrestling, running, or any other way: 2 Timothy 2:5; (often in classic authors who also use the form ἀθλεύω). (Compare: συναθλέω).

Is this not a contest between Christ and Satan as to who is going to RULE THE EARTH? Is this not the FINAL BATTLE, THE FINAL TURF WAR FOR EARTH?

None of this is coincidental. Now what does Luke 10:18 say:

18 And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.

Now 8 is a NEW ORDER, A NEW BIRTH, A NEW BEGINNING. 88 s also 44 x 2 or a double 4-11, like a “verily, verily”, or PAY ATTENTION.

Why are they using Luke 10:18 on the sneakers along with 666? Because the MARK OF THE BEAST is close at hand, as is LUCIFER, the LIGHT BRINGER, the fake Christ, the ANTI-MESSIAH. Remember that Barak means LIGHTNING?


The Semitic root B-R-Q has the meaning “to shine”; “lightning“.[1]:p.122 The biblical name ברק Bārāq is given after Barak, a military commander who appears in the Book of Judges.

The Arabic cognate is بَرْق barq (not to be confused with بَارَك bārak, which is cognate with Hebrew בָּרוּךְ bārûch). The epithet Barcas of the Punic general Hamilcar is derived from the same root, as is the name of Al-Buraq, the miraculous steed of Islamic Mi’raj tradition.

“The ascendancy of Barack Obama to the highest office on earth comes to many as a lightning strike. The sign from the scriptures as shown in Mt 24:27 relating to the return of the Messiah, described a lightning that would shine from the East to the West. Being born of a father from Kenya (the East) and a mother from the USA (the West) reveals the universal character of the man whose brightness in humility and character is set to inspire the whole world.” – Excerpt from “The lightning shining from East to West”

Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance

bright, glittering sword, lightning

From baraq; lightning; by analogy, a gleam; concretely, a flashing sword — bright, glitter(-ing sword), lightning.

Obama was the 44th President. That’s a 4-11, the very same date that the TWO COMETS passed over Satan’s Head, the star Algol. Both on a 4-11 one year apart forming a cross centered over Algol – meaning the finished word of Christ and pointing directly to the Church and the Church Age.

Why did the Lord make this unusual sign in the heavens but to REVEAL that the Church was coming to a close and His Bride would be taken away in an instant, in the twinkling of an eye in some future time?  Here’s why for those who REALLY WANT TO KNOW:

411. anekdiégétos
Strong’s Concordance anekdiégétos: inexpressible Original Word: ἀνεκδιήγητος, ον
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: anekdiégétos
Phonetic Spelling: (an-ek-dee-ay’-gay-tos)
Definition: inexpressible
Usage: indescribable, that cannot be thoroughly related, inexpressible. HELPS Word-studies 411 anekdiḗgētos (from 1 /A “not” and 1555 /ekdiēgéomai, “fully declare”) – properly, inexpressible (beyond words); indescribable (inexplicable), impossible to estimate (used only in 2 Cor 9:15). Thayer’s Greek Lexicon STRONGS NT 411: ἀνεκδιήγητος

ἀνεκδιήγητος, ἀνεκδιηγητον (alpha privative and ἐκδιηγέομαι, which see), unspeakable, indescribable: 2 Corinthians 9:15 δωρεά, to describe and commemorate which words fail. (Only in ecclesiastical writings. (Clement of Rome, 1 Cor. 20, 5 [ET]; 49, 4 [ET]; Athenagoras,

There are only TWO EVENTS that have no words whatsoever to describe them, ONLY TWO:

  1. When Jesus Christ REVEALS HIMSELF to the believer who has searched Him out and FOUND HIM and who STOOD BEFORE THE SON OF MAN and WAS JUDGED by the indescribable DIVINE LOVE OF GOD! There are NO HUMAN WORDS to describe the LOVE OF GOD. NONE, ZERO!
  2. The world-wide rapture of the Church which comes as LIGHTNING (PLASMA) and at a time when the world is SOUND ASLEEP as well as most Christians, none of whom appear to be watching at all!! For the RAPTURE will in fact COMPLETE the Lord’s WORK ON THE CROSS FOR ALL OF US.

Are we going to see Obama merging out of the shadows very soon? Is it possible that the rapture of the Church is on 4-4-2021, Passover’s FIRST FRUITS, the 1290th day since the Star Sign? Or 4-11? And what about the 1335th day?

We do not know. It is getting close. Is 4-4-2021 a SEVEN DAY WARNING FOR THE CHURCH AND WORLD WITH 4-11 EXACTLY 7 DAYS AWAY?  Is 4-11 the REMOVAL OF THE BRIDE? Or do we have a ONE YEAR WARNING? It seems odd to me that even FOX NEWS is telling us that OBAMA is actually running everything secretly and many others agree. Why are they going public with this now?  So, do we have TWO PRESIDENTS, Biden as the FRONT MAN and OBAMA the REAL OPERATOR? Remember that Obama told us the OLD WAYS DON’T WORK ANYMORE, and that he would prefer to run the country and the world from his basement in his PJ’s. Maybe he was not kidding!!

666. apousia
Strong’s Concordance apousia: a being away, i.e. absence Original Word: ἀπουσία, ας, ἡ
Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
Transliteration: apousia
Phonetic Spelling: (ap-oo-see’-ah)
Definition: a being away, absence
Usage: absence, deficiency, waste
. NAS Exhaustive Concordance Word Origin
from fem. part. of apeimi
a being away, i.e. absence

Is this a reference that the CHURCH will BE AWAY before Mr. 666 arrives, whosoever that may be? We do not know if it is Obama right now/ We have lots of pointers that give us a very strong indication. Will the Church will be absent from Earth? It does imply that fact. After all, many a Christian has been told that Obama really is the LAWLESS ONE, LUCIFER. So, we wait and we watch as we are told here:

Luke 21:35-36

35 For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth.

36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.


And then we have Trump, have we seen the LAST OF TRUMP? Or was the LAST TRUMP another warning to the world? YOU DECIDE. Here is a link to Steve’s latest:


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