Best’s Intel WAR Flash Update For 3-21-2021 – Russia Checkmates The West?

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio – 3-21-2021 @ 7:00 PM CT

Ukraine, Russia, NATO, England, WW3, Earth Changes

According to inside sources, the war is now on between Russia and Ukraine and will soon expand into a direct confrontation with NATO FORCES and all parties are involved in building up their military machines, yet nary a word on the American press. This news is hard to vet, but we must report what appears to be totally censored news to alert those watching events unfold as we move closer to Daniel’s 70th week. It appears now that we will have WAR and then a peace accord, perhaps the old Oslo accords will be dusted off and this enforced by antichrist forces. Then we have more volcanic activity around the world, a SURE SIGN the end is approaching. This is FLASH UPDATE.