Best’s Intel Update For 3-10-2021 – WW3 – THE DOGS OF WAR ARE HOWLING

Best’s Intel Update For 3-10-2021 – THE DOGS OF WAR ARE HOWLING

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The dogs of war are about to break out of their strongholds if “insider info” is correct. We have long known that the neo-cons in America have wanted a war with Russia for a long time, and now that Biden is in office, it appears that the USA is going to attempt a major push and it may be over Ukraine. Reports of NATO/USA forces moving to Ukraine for a direct confrontation continue. Putin, however, does have advanced technology weapons. If we get into a nuclear war, is this the fire event foretold in some modern prophecies? Volcanic activity stil is increasing the world over as well as earthquake activity. UFO/paranormal sightings are also increasing and more…