Best Flash Intel Update For 3-6-2021 – 1260 Days & Chaos Begins Now?

Tonight On Night Shadows – URGENT UPDATE 3-6-2021 @ 7:00 PM CDT

Putin, Russia, Syria, Israel, USA, WW3, 1260 Days – CHAOS COMING?

This is an urgent update because USA and most world media are not reporting that Russia has attacked the US in Syria via a huge missile attack upon the oil fields storage tanks and tankers in Syria causing major damage but no reports on US Troops killed as yet – and may not be for a while as this news is being censored over here. The Lord has warned us over and over and over again of his rapid approach to take out HIS BRIDE and FEW ARE READY. If the timeline we are being shown continues, we have 1290 days on PASSOVER’s FIRST FRUITS on 4-4-2021 and then 1335 days (blessed is he that waits for the 1335th day which is May 20th, 2021 which adds up to 12, an important number in Scripture AND MORE…