The White Horse Rides – Part Two

The White Horse Rides – Part Two

I was sent an article written by Elizabeth Marie concerning the Strong’s number 2021 and what she found was really interesting. And so, I decided to carry that revelation a bit deeper than Elizabeth Marie carried it to see what would be found. Here below is what that result was!

If you look up Strong’s number 2021 in the Greek, here is what you will find:

TAKE IN HAND – TO GO ABOUT – TAKE UPON, and it comes from the roots word #1909 (a coded 9-11) which means IN. The other root word is #5495 WHICH MEANS HAND.

The usual meaning of this would be to accomplish some task, that is to go about a task, complete it, “I have it in hand, and will do it.” However, what if there is a hidden CODE HERE that goes along with my last blog on Revelation Six and the rider on the white horse and what it REALLY MEANS?  The implication here appears to be about THE MARK OF THE BEAST!

In other words, in code it may mean to TAKE SOMETHING IN THE HAND IN THE YEAR 2021!  In this case it would be related to the MARK OF THE BEAST or its forerunner, or possibly the Bill Gates snake fang “patch” that will be IN YOUR HAND OR YOUR FOREHEAD. In other words, it is a WARNING.

It does seem a bit odd that the number 2021 is connected to TAKE IN HAND when we could look at the Elite, who have indeed TAKEN IN HAND to accomplish a MANDATORY WORLD WIDE so-called vaccine that is not a vaccine at all, but is rather DNA changing mRNA nanobot “machine” to make one into a hybrid that is always connected to the AI beehive antichrist collective.

This hydrogel nanobot technology will, when released, make a subdermal “mark” IN YOUR HAND that allows you to BUY or SELL. Without it, you will be excluded from the global society as an OUTCAST and eventually exterminated as a “deplorable” and an “enemy of the state.” The ground- work for this began many, many years ago.  

The RICH MEN OF THE EARTH, who are merchants OF BABYLON and the MANUFACTURER of the vaccines that lead to the MARK have in fact DECLARED WAR upon humanity. The masses of the world do not understand, nor can they comprehend the enormous EVIL that these psychopaths and their very real WAR PLANS to exterminate 7 billion people from off this planet in their GREAT RESET.

They are so intent upon doing so that they spent MILLIONS setting up the Georgia Guidestones, monuments with Antichrist’s 10 commandments carved in solid granite that call for a population reduction of 7 billion people. You cannot do that unless you use GREAT STEALTH and DECEPTION.

Hang on to the word WAR. If you look up the year 2021, in Hebrew it gets even more interesting:

H2021 הצן – Strong’s Hebrew Lexicon Number

הצן – hôtsen – ho’-tsen
From an unused root meaning apparently to be sharp or strong; a weapon of war

TO BE SHARP a WEAPON OF WAR. Is a NEEDLE or SNAKE FANGS SHARP? A SNAKE IS A SERPENT, and of course means SATAN. Satan is the fake LIGHT BEARER, that is luminous. Isn’t it interesting that luciferase is used in the Bill Gates snake patch so you can be scanned to see if you are “vaccinated” which means YOU ARE NOW A HYBRID? TO BE SHARP – is this all a code warning about the NEEDLE used to deliver a “vaccine” called the CV-19 Vaccine or the soon coming snake patch?  That is administered by a very sharp NEEDLE and is the INSTRUMENT OF WAR choice by the rich men of the Earth?

The masses of the people do realize that the ELITE RICH MEN of the Earth are involved in a psychopathic WAR against them, that uses totally hidden and totally unconventional WEAPONS. The medical establishment is now totally corrupt and has risen up to become the front-line soldiers in this BIO-WEAPON WAR that is part of the SILENT WEAPONS for QUIET WARS that has been launched against humanity!

Remember what the end result of SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS was? A “mark” on every human being from birth onward for total surveillance and control.

 So now let’s dig a bit deeper and look at what the number 5781 means in Strong’s and how the rich men are pressing humanity into their New World Order machine. To be pressed into something means OPPRESSION and it is odd that the Hebrew word for the year 5781, which is our 2021 means:

TO BE PRESSED, OR TO PACK TOGETHER, that is, to PACK TOGETHER or PRESS TOGETHER the masses of the world into the NEW WORLD ORDER. They are being herded or maneuvered like cattle into this brave new world of digital AI total control. China, as you know is deep into refining their SOCIAL CREDITS SYSTEM and we have it here, but under a different name – CREDIT CARD SCORE, which will soon be expanded into your “behavior”, etc.

How odd that these numbers of STRONG’S are showing us IN CODE exactly what is going on and the WEAPON OF CHOICE for the rich men IS A SHARP WEAPON, an INSTRUMENT OF WAR that is being used world-wide to PRESS the people of the world, first of all to be tested, then take this mRNA vaccine by pressing or herding them by major media propaganda fear and panic campaign. The pressure is immense to take the jab and show you are concerned and love your families and your neighbor, and if you won’t, then you are a misfit, and you don’t care about others. Same with the isolation, lockdowns, masks, with social distancing, etc. All of these are being applied to PRESSURE THE PEOPLE TO OBEY THE STATE, and TO NOT ASK ANY QUESTIONS. The New York Times just had an article telling us not to ask questions, not to do any critical thinking, as it was dangerous. In other words, the people of the world are being herded into the corral of the New World Order, and a lot of psychological pressure is being used to force all to OBEY and to totally disregard any and all information that is not from far-left “approved sources”, because all other sources are “misinformation” or “disinformation.” As to CV-19, the only approved sources are the communist CDC or the United Nation’s WHO. Any information from any other source is censored almost immediately. This is GROUP THINK!   

Soon mandatory “jabs” will be required as well, or you won’t be able to do ANYTHING in society.  A GREAT RESET of THE MARK OF THE BEAST is soon coming. Don’t question any edict of the far-left elite, just obey.

Revelation 13:16-18

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

It is amazing what one finds hidden away by the Lord but can be FOUND if one does diligent search and DIGS, RIGHT? Before I forget, remember that from the STAR SIGN of 9-23-2017 and we add 1260 days, we come to March 6th, 2021 and how the asteroid Apophis would be at it closes to Earth in its PASSOVER/FLYBY on that date? Well, we can add another event for the date – the Pope is going to Ur in Iraq in an attempt to gather all the world’s religions into one!

Purim starts TOMORROW, a celebration of deliverance and 44 days later is April 11th, 2021! Remember Ester and her bravery. She stood up, if she could, we can also, right?