In my last blog I brought up the STAR SIGN of 9-23-2017 and the possibility that this was the start of the FIRST HALF of Daniel’s 70th week and of course that concept is mocked and ridiculed. Is it even possible? Even if it is not, and all of this is just a warning sign, it means GET READY, for it is about to begin if we are not already within it.

The ANTICHRIST works in the background for the first part of the 70th week of Daniel and does not present himself to Israel until he stands where he ought not in the Holy Place. Therefore, he is hidden, and works behind the scenes consolidating his power before he emerges upon the world scene.

If this concept is true and valid, then we have the 1260, 1290, and 1335 dates that we have to examine – for as a SNARE does it come upon the WHOLE EARTH.

9-23-2017 + 1260 days = March 6th, 2021 (A Day to watch for any further clues.

9-23-2017 + 1290 = April 5th or April 4th if you include the start date.

9-23-2017 + 1335 = May 20th, another day to watch. (Blessed is he that waits for the 1335th day).

We have pointed out before the sign in the heavens of the two comets and the 4-11 date, which is also a 44. There is no way that God would point this out unless it is of major importance to all of us! For a long time, I have wondered what this huge sign and 4-11 actually meant, for obviously it means a lot. That is becoming clear now, with 44 and 4-11 showing up all over the world.  

Back to 1260 days and March 6. I had no idea at the time I wrote that yesterday that a huge asteroid called Apophis will come closest to Earth on March 6. I found that this morning and it was verified by Steve Fletcher. The actual number of this asteroid is 99942. 4+2 = 6. So was have 9996 on March 6. In reality we have a 6666 or a 9999 attached to this GOD OF CHAOS, the GREAT SERPENT.

What does 999 mean in the Bible?

In the Bible number 999 is a symbol of salvation and God. Actually, we have to mention the Beast number 666 that is always represented as a number of evil. We need to compare it with number 999, because 999 represents the overturned number 666.

“Biblical Meaning of 9999

Biblically, the number 9999 signifies the smart nature of human beings and their ability and freedom to choose the type of life they want to live. God gave us freedom of choice to choose either good or evil. He does not force Doctrines and Laws because he is a loving and just God. This number also represents all the God-given abilities that we possess and that are hidden deep within us.

9999 spiritually is also a symbol of the nature of God and salvation. God had the plan of salvation well set from the beginning. He knew that Satan would rebel and that sin would enter the world, and there would be a need for the salvation of humankind through Christ Jesus. God will reveal that which you ask him to reveal unto you because he is a faithful God.

This number is a number of finality. A 999 in the Bible symbolizes the second coming of Jesus Christ and the eternal life humankind will receive and enjoy after that. Numbers play a significant role in enabling us to understand the deeper meanings of the Bible.”

Also note that 42 means THE LORD’S ADVENT, and also Israel’s oppression under ANTICHRIST. It is all pointing to a huge changes coming upon the world.

Notice that Apophis is in the constellation HYDRA, “the abhorred one”, the GREAT SERPENT, obviously the OLD SERPENT that deceives the WHOLE WORLD in Revelation 12. Will see the DESTROYER SOON? Therefore, one could conclude that this asteroid passing by Earth on the 1260th day since the STAR SIGN has a huge meaning to those watching. And why is this asteroid numbered as it is? God is clearly telling us something.

Who is the god Apophis?

Apophis (also known as Apep) is the Great Serpent, enemy of the sun god Ra, in ancient Egyptian religion. The sun was Ra’s great barge which sailed through the sky from dawn to dusk and then descended into the underworld.

This clearly shows us the battle between Satan and Christ over the souls of mankind. Inasmuch as Apophis is chaos, that brings us to the Masonic “Ordo Ab Chaos” and thus, this PASSOVER or FLYBY of Apophis is telling us in no uncertain terms that CHAOS is about to ERUPT in America and the world at large, as Satan and his controllers bring in their New World Order under ANTICHRIST in their final attempt to DESTROY JESUS CHRIST!!

What is interesting here is it points to the number 44. How so? Remember what 44 means in part?

“The number 44 is rooted in the number 4, which is the number of the creation, particularly the earth. But the four is doubled, almost as if to illustrate to us the contention between two people who each have the desire to be chosen to rule or inherit the earth. Yet 44 is also a double 22. The number 22 is the number of the Sons of Light. So the true chosen ones (44) are closely linked to the Sons of Light (22).”

It appears that this conflict between Christ and Satan is now drawing close to the APEX of this battle, with Satan using the CV-19 hoax to bring about the final enslavement of humanity via testing, vaccination, lockdowns, social distancing, and installing an “operating system” into humanity, making the body into a transmitter and receiver and the MARK OF THE BEAST. This will be the final division between those that are Christ’s and those that are not.

It is not an accident that Apophis is in HYDRA and is the God of Chaos and death on this very special date of 3-6-2021. It is ANOTHER SIGN OF THE SON OF MAN and HOW CLOSE we are to His Return to remove His Bride. Do not forget that February 26/27th is PURIM, which is a celebration for deliverance, and exactly 44 days later is 4-11-2021 and the great cosmic sign of Christ crushing the head of Satan! It seems that Jesus may be coming much quicker than anyone realizes and that would fulfill the prophecies of a SNARE, and a TOTAL SURPRISE.

Jesus said He was coming at a time we would think not. But He also said that if we WATCHED and WATCHED CLOSELY, we would know HIS RETURN WAS CLOSE, and 4-4-2021 FIRSTFRUITS might be a VERY SPECIAL DAY.

Here is something interesting as well. From March 6th to April 11th or 4-11 is exactly 37 days inclusive. Three is the number for resurrection, and 7 is the number of COMPLETE. It is also 35 days in between those dates and 3 is resurrection and 5 is GRACE. Just interesting:

Therefore, with these SIGNS coming one upon another, it appears there is a “quickening” of those watching that something very DRASTIC is coming that will change the world forever. FEW ARE READY. Few even know what all of these signs mean.  

We have received some phone calls from some of those really watching. They have indicated that Christ is CLOSE, very CLOSE, and it will catch the world by total surprise. They have been led to warn family and friends to REPENT, for there is little time left.

The above picture is from Steve Fletchers new video.