Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 2-19- 2021 – This, That, And The Other Thing

On Night Shadows Radio Tonight 2-19-2021 @ 7:00 PM CDT

Trump, Pence, Arrival, Strong Delusions, Revolution, Earth Changes, Cosmic Signs, 44 & More…

While it may seem quiet, it isn’t, as Biden is pushing America-Babylon into WW3, Israel, Syria, Iran, Russia, China all have “issues” with each other as God brings about His final agenda for the last days. Biden is moving as fast as he can to hand the USA over to the UN and China as the American people sleep on! The Texas damage from the polar vortex is unknown along with a host of other southern states in what appears to be a judgment from God Himself  and will only worsen  food supply chains and along with it, a steep rise in food prices that people cannot afford due to CV-19 shutdowns. More and more UFO/Alien “disclosure” articles are now appearing, meaning that the ARRIVAL is very close at hand, Larry’s recent dream/vision and more…


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