Best’s Intel Update For 2-12-2021 – Insanity In The Cuckoo’s Nest

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio 2-12-2021 @ 7:00 PM CDT

Trump, Impeachment, Biden, Coup, Israel, Iran, China, UN, Revolution and More…

Washington has now become a full-fledged nest of totally insane, lawless and sick folks who pretend to govern but a house divided must and will fall, and Babylon is now fallen. Biden has now produced 52 executive orders handing over the United States to the FAR LEFT and has, in effect, become a dictator. The star sign of the CROSS is now behind us as we march along being led by the pied-piper’s of Babylon, headed for sure judgment as per Deuteronomy 28, and there is now no escape as the American people have shut off any escape they might have had. Earth changes continue, and it is like any other day, even with sign after sign after sign, and so it goes. Tonight’s show is one-half hour instead of the usual hour…


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