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  1. I downloaded and read this report about 230 this morning. It is informative, factual, truthful, and has zero propaganda (that’s hard to find these days) plus you link all of the sites and source info (even harder to find these days regarding truth). The evidence is what you’ve been warning us about for a year now.  I pray that it is a serious wake up call for those who may have scoffed or poo-pooed the so called conspiracy theory nutters spreading their fear porn. I find it terribly sad that for some no amount of proof is enough and others just don’t care. My hope is that although the truth is being censored, banned, and attacked on every front, that this will reach far and wide.  Your ministry has always spoken the truth despite the deceived naysayers. Even now, at this very late hour you are still screaming out warnings, you are working even harder to try to wake up the sleeping masses, you are an inspiration. The Lord certainly called and chose you. He blessed you with insight, intellect, writing abilities, etc much more, and you in turn have blessed us. You have made such an impact in my life and God has used you to reach and teach me. I know I am not alone. You can’t even imagine the way, or just how God brought you (your ministry) into my life. It’s so wild Only He could have done it. He brought me darklight, He gave me no piece until I read it, He used you to show me how to find Him.  When I fell away, He used you to convict me, and to give me hope that it wasn’t too late that I could still repent and turn back to Him. The Lord had used you instrumentality in my life and I praise Him for it. If people would only want to know the truth, if they’d only listen to you and do what you say BY TRYING TO PROVE YOU WRONG BIBLICALLY…. if they’d only look… the same is true with this report.  It’s explosive and if folks would only take the time to look at it… I pray that God will use this report as He has used your entire ministry, to open blind eyes and deceived minds to the truth, while there may still yet be time.  May The Lord continue to bless you (all of you) I am grateful for all you do. Katie

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    • Thank you Katie for posting this wonderful exhortation of appreciation for Stewart and all he has done for those who have ears to hear. I keep you in prayer daily sister.

      Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. (Heb 10: 25)

      God bless you and keep you under His wings.

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