Best’s Intel Update For 2-10-2021 – The Coming Communist Chaos

On Night Shadows Radio Tonight 2-10-2021 @ 7:00 PM CDT

Biden, Executive Orders, Police State, Signs, Sightings, Earth Changes and More…

Babylon’s fall long stated over 2000 years ago is now at its final stage. The Biden election is the final blow and the demise of the American constitution and Bill of Rights. They are now under severe attack, and it appears that all those who are not communists are now to be singled out for ridicule, mocking, persecution and then death. At this point demonization of anyone on the “right” is going full throttle on MSM. This is just the beginning of the “agenda” of the rich men, and is in lockstep with lockdowns, social distancing, mask wearing and getting the jab. Meanwhile, earth changes and volcanic activity are ramping up, along with hints of “disclosure” of “aliens” among us, and on and on it goes…


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