Best’s Intel Update For 2-3-2021 – Babylon Down – Communist Take-Over

Tonight On Night Shadows 2-3-2021 @ 7:00 PM CDT

Israel, Biden, Fortress Washington, Executive Orders, Trump Return & More…

Washington D.C. is now a fortress with even more troops pouring in – and no one knows what is really going on, with rumors that the city is now under total lockdown and martial law, which appears to be so, but why? At the same time the propaganda mills are demonizing EVERYONE who is not a communist, and that everyone who is not needs to be rounded up and exterminated, fulfilling Jeremiah’s prophecy that God’s people are in fact rounded up and placed in camps. Meanwhile, Comrade Biden wants the guns, wants to totally disarm Americans. I wonder how well that will work. He is also handing America over to Global Deep State and the communist United Nations. Where are the “patriots”, where are the militias? Where are the lawyers? Everything except for a few exceptions, is deathly quiet, meaning that God’s judgment upon apostate demonic Babylon is about to go under the hammer of the Lord and there appears to be no resistance to obvious “evil” whatsoever…


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  1. It’s komrades, kriminality and Korruption.

    A full-blown kleptocracy!!

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