Best’s Intel Update For 1-27-2021 – The Rise Of Evil

Night Shadows Radio 1-27-2021 @ 7:00 PM CDT

Biden, Climate Change, UN Agenda, Executive Orders, Mandatory Re-Education Camps

Beware the new push under Biden for the UN’s climate change agenda and reduction of fossil fuels – which will be expanded to things like fireplaces, heating with wood stoves, cook outs etc. Biden has now signed 38 executive orders, but most look like they are actually blank, nor does he show them as Trump did. So, what is really going on? Have we just watched a total communist coup? Is Obama the real President? Was Trump right when he said they are not coming for me, they are coming for you, and I am just in the way? Are we watching a huge psyops operation from ALL SIDES with one objective, the UN BEAST? Is America/Babylon about to split apart? Will Texas be the first to leave America and become her own nation? Lots of questions, few answers…