Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 1-22-2021 – Dark Clouds Coming Down

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio – 1-22-2021 @ 7:00 PM CDT

Biden, United Nations, WHO, China, UFO, Arrival, Vatican, Earth Changes

China’s Biden is now the 46th President of the United States, and already, via executive orders, placed us deeper and deeper in the United Nations spider web. Censorship of the conservative movement is now growing by leaps and bounds, including book publishers. Then we have Senator Clyburn actually saying we need to CUT OUT THE CANCER of the right, that is KILL MILLIONS OF AMERICANS because they are a danger to America. Then we have ex-CIA Brennan saying essentially the same thing, and that we need to use the CIA to locate everyone that needs to be terminated. On and on it goes. People are still hoping that Trump will be back, as Trump did say we will be back in another form – a possible hint that the military will stop the Biden insurrection and declare martial law and the Military will then bring Trump back into play. If that happens, beware, be very AWARE. Then we have new revelations on the ARRIVAL and the Vatican, and the STRONG DELUSION that “arrives” with the ARRIVAL and more…