Best’s Intel Update For 1-19-2021 (9-11) Martial Law & Rise of Antichrist

Tonight On Night Shadows 1-19-2020 @ 7:00 PM CDT

Military Takeover Martial Law Final Nail In USA Coffin – Stupid Americans!!

Don’t be fooled by all the news flying around – A Military takeover of the United States is the end of America as we have known it, and they may tell you your rights will be given back after the emergency is over but it a bald faced lie.  This is exactly what the Satanic Illuminati playbook said would happen, and the U.S. Military is deeply involved with the United Nations and Peacekeepers. Many military ops are now UN ops and this will be no different. I just posted a blog, and everyone needs to read it carefully at both and All proofs point to the RISE OF ANTICHRIST under a MARTIAL LAW system. It makes no difference whatsoever if it Biden, Harris, Trump or Mickey Mouse ruling over America. You lost your nation because of apostasy and rebellion. Americans have sold their own children (those they did not abort) to eternal slavery. Now comes judgment, SEVERE judgment. YOU HAVE ONLY ONE ESCAPE AND MOST HAVE REFUSED IT. They will not enter in!