Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 1-15-2021 – Babylon’s Chaos & Lies

Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 1-15-2021 – Babylon’s Chaos & Lies

Trump’s Next Move, The Counter Coup, Deceptions and Delusions

Two opposing viewpoints now center around Trump and his next move (if any) or will he simply betray his followers and quietly vanish into the night? Many a so-called “prophet” has told us that God will make sure Trump wins and he will have a second term. Then we have the opposite side that Trump has been and is setting a massive trap for the communist left and will spring it just before or just after Biden is sworn in to complete the massive fraud of a phony election and then invoke the insurrection act and arrest them all. One might remember that Hitler, who came to power under economic chaos went after the communists and then expanded it to include all “enemies of the state” including Christians. The Bible tells us that ANTICHRIST rises up to full power before the world understands who he really is, so beware. Earth changes continue, solar anomalies and cosmic shockwaves continue and more…