Best’s Intel Update For 1-13-2021 – The Quiet Before The Storm?

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio 1-13-2021 @ 7:00 PM CDT

Trump, Coup, Deep State, False Prophets, UN, Social Credits, Disclosure, Solar Anomalies, Earth Changes

Why are the American people putting up with all of this censorship going on? Do they not realize whatsoever what is happening to them? Do they even care? Is the stupidity virus now world-wide? Is the spell of Revelation 18 now so strong that only a few will escape? There are two great scams in the history of humanity, the first was Satan’s scam of eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and the second scam is a medical tyranny that leads to the Mark of the Beast. The first scam lead to the total ruin of humanity and made them enemies of the Creator, and the second scam seals their fate for all eternity. The censorship going on now will lead to a lockdown of humanity from which only a few will escape. In point of fact it is beyond censorship, it is total demonization of everything good, honest and Godly and needed for any society to function. We are watching the total destruction of our Western culture just as the Bible said and very few seem to care. Meanwhile the Sun, that gives life, is showing signs of bringing death…